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Why invest in gold

7 points on your favor

Here we present you some reasons to save and invest in gold.

It’s a tangible asset

It’s real and you can take it with your own hands. Also, like energy, gold can not be created or destroyed, but it can changes its form from one to another, which makes it to last through time.

It doesn’t have risk, It’s a shelter asset

Unlike other saving and investment methods, gold’s value is not strongly affected by third parties, which means that it doesn’t have risk from a counterpart or a bankruptcy, and it’s not related directly to governments or monetary policies.

It’s a Deposit Value

Gold keeps or even increase its value, without depreciation, unlike other goods and services that suffer an increment on their prices.

You can give it or inherit it

You can give a small portion that is so valuable as it was a gift card, or you can save it to inherit all to your family with an easy distribution of it.

It’s universal

Being the first currency in human history, it’s still working and it’s acceptable in every place of the world. Wherever you go, you can transact with your gold pieces, in every bank of every country.

Currency hedge

When you analyze gold with other currencies, like US dollar, it has an inverse relationship or even a null relationship to the variations of this currency. For this reason, gold protects investors from currency volatility.

Every Central Bank has a gold reserve

For any crisis that could happen, this institutions keeps an amount of gold as a guard, because they know the refuge benefits and the value that this metal can bring to them.

Sustainable Gold

At AHLA we care that the precious metals we work with are sustainable. Through the traceability of these, we ensure that there are no illicit practices in the processes and we know the origin of the metals; with responsible use of the environmental resources that are involved; collaborating with small and artisanal miners, and ensuring compliance standards among all associates.