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Build your shelter

As every living being and as every person, we live constantly trying to defend ourselves from uncertainty, which affects us in every aspect. In this survival instinct we look for ensure ourselves somehow, it could be with a safe house, people that we trust or with an stable salary.

Through gold, a precious metal that is considered as a shelter asset we can invest and save with no worries, without the fear to lose our money because of any socioeconomic situation that could happen, such as world conflicts, economic crisis or political situations.

Gold in time

To let you know how the gold value goes through time according to our spends, here we present you some examples.

Buy bread for breakfast

In the year 2013, one kilogram of bread had an average cost of $1.066 chilean pesos. Today, the same kilogram of bread is selled for $1.990 chilean pesos. If we think that we eat about 100 kilograms of bread, on 2013 we had to spend just 5 grams of gold, meanwhile now you only need 3 grams.

We require to spend less of our gold capital to purchase goods and services that we need now and later.

How to guard my gold bars

Given the fact that this metal doesn’t corrode and it doesn’t lose its value through time, you can save it under your bed, or grave it on your backyard or hide it inside a strongbox behind a painting.

Nevertheless, if you look for a safest way, when you’re purchasing your precious metals, at the end of the payment process we offer you a storage service backed up by contract and giving you the access to consult your bars whenever you ask it for.

On the other hand, in the case that you want to change your gold bars for local currency, you can sell them to us by following the guide How to sell.